Next Generation Solutions

Active Tools is a pioneer in the tire repair kit industry, constantly breaking new barriers, and delivering

high quality products to meet the growing market demands. Active Tools understands that as the automotive industry shifts into a more greener, eco-friendly mentality, the need for alternative solutions to traditional inefficient components will steadily grow. The endless dedication to staying innovative in such a competitive industry is truly where Active Tools adds value.

Our global presence in every major automotive hub highlights our global support teams and their commitment. Vehicles around the world have already been going through a facelift, and a new standard is being established. 

Active Tools is the world’s largest Tier-one Automotive OEM Supplier in roadside tire repair today.

We are focused and ready to provide solutions for the next generation of innovative roadside tire repair alternatives.

In February 2011, we established a specialized group of mechanical, electrical, and industrial engineers in an R & D Center in Taipei, Taiwan. This was an opportunity for us to utilize our experts in Germany by having them supported by a new generation of design shaped minds. Our goal is to one day have 12 design engineers in total, covering our entire global network.


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