vS 15B

Packaged in strong, durable EPP foam, vS 15B fits seamlessly with the other components of the vehicle. It is made to be mounted directly into the trunk of the vehicle based on the OEMs custom specifications.

The compressor is fixed in the foam and cannot be removed. The bottle of tire sealant, however, is inserted as a mobile component and can therefore quickly be removed from the foam and positioned next to the tire – ready for use.

All built-in kits are custom made according to your specific needs – from the very length of the cord to the precise size of the foam. Together with you, we ensure that the available space in the vehicle is fully optimized

System Details

Dimension range in mm (H/W/D)

Optimized Custom made dimensions according to OEM requirements.

Performance Range

45 litres volume to 2.5 bar in max. 5 minutes


Power connector: 12V plug
Socket: integrated
Cooling fan: included

Technical Specifications

Operation 10  to 15 Volt 
Watt 180  
Work temperature -30 °C 
-22 °F
to +70 °C
to +158 °F
Storage temperature -40 °C
-40 °F
to +80 °C
to +176 °F
Pressure gauge 0
to 6 bar 
to 78 Psi

Warranty: 3 years
Scale: Bar, PSI or Kpa
Tire connector: VG8, rubber coated


Bottle  head down or squeeze
type valve-out  or valve-through


Deflate function on housing or on hose
Built in safety valve 6 to 7 bar pre-set
Cable length 5000 mm to 7000 mm
Hose length plugged to 500 mm
Cable storage no cable or inside
Weight 900 g to 1200 g

Back light: optional
4 piece adapter set: optional
Colour: black, blue, grey

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