iS 15A

The ACK is our state-of-the-art solution that's custom built to meet OEM requirements.

With a compact design and flexible storage option this integrated system is designed for repairing punctures temporarily and inflating tires in a few easy steps. Because the compressor and the sealant bottle are pre-connected it provides easy handling for the end user. The only connections that the customer needs to manage are power source and the hose to the valve.

The ACK also features an air only option which can be used for regular tire maintenance.

*Not available in Germany

System Details

Dimension range in mm (H/W/D)

A Housing 450 ml  160 x 300 x 70
A Housing 700 ml 195 x 270 x 85

Performance range

Min. 36 litres volume to 2.5 bar in max. 5 minutes
Max. 45 litres volume to 2.5 bar in max. 8 minutes

Technical specifications

Operation 10  to 15 Volt 
Watt 180  
Work temperature -30 °C
-22 °F
to +70 °C
to +158 °F
Storage temperature -40 °C
-40 °F
to +80 °C
to +176 °F
Pressure gauge 0
to 6 bar
to 87 Psi

Warranty: 3 years
Scale: Bar, PSI or Kpa
Tire connector: VG8, rubber coated


Deflate function on housing or on hose
Built in safety valve optional to 6 to 7 bar pre-set
Cable length 2800 mm 4000 mm
Hose length 500 mm 520 mm
Hose storage around or outside housing
Weight 2000 g 2300 g

Back light: optional
4 piece adapter set: optional
Colour: black, blue, grey, yellow


Power connector: 12V plug
Socket: integrated
Cooling fan: included


Bottle Size  450ml / 700 Ml
Bottle  Horizontal
Type  Valve-Through
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