tS 25C

With its convincingly high level of performance, tS 25C is specifically designed for SUVs with minimum 25 Ampere fuses.

Fitted with crocodile clamps for maximum efficiency, the powerful compressor is able to inflate a 50 litre tire in less than 6 minutes.

In addition, the extended cable length of 4 metres or more is well-matched for the larger SUVs.

tS 25C can be equipped according to your specifications and requirements.

System Details

Dimension range in mm (H/W/D)

C housing 172mm X 167mm X 80mm

Performance Range

Min. 42 litres volume to 2.5 bar in max.   5 minutes
Max.  45 litres volume to 5.0 bar in max. 12 minutes

Technical Specification

Operation 10 to 15 Volt
Watt 300  
Operating Temperature  -30°C
to +70°C
to +158°F
Storage Temperature -40°C
to +80°C
to +176°F 
Pressure Gauge 0
to 6 Bar
to 87 Bar 

Warranty : 3 Years
Scale : Bar, Psi, Kpa
Tire Connector : VG8, Rubber Coated 


Power Connector 12V Plug or Crocodile Clamp
Socket without  or integrated
Cooling fan without  or with
Deflate function on housing  or on hose 
Built in safety valve  optional or 6  to 8 bar Pre-set
Hose length 500 to 600mm
Cable Length  2800 to 4000 / no max.
Hose Storage inside or outside housing
Weight  1600 to 1900 g

Back light: optional
4 piece adapter set: optional
Colour: Black, Blue, Grey


Bottle head down  or squeeze
Type  ValveOut or ValveThrough
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