Redefining Partnerships

Active Tools has a unique position in the automotive industry. For more than 10 years, we’ve been honoured to be a first-tier supplier of Tire Inflate and Seal Systems to the many of the automotive industry finest manufacturers.

We’ve built our success on the ability to engineer open and transparent partnerships with our clients and redefine the essence of how a partnership should evolve. We pride ourselves on our keen ability to listen to customer needs and apply our innate understanding of roadside repair technologies to deliver practical and cost-effective solutions.


Value Driven 

Today, we’re driven by our ability to enhance relationships that are truly value added at every level. Only Active Tools can deliver the knowledge and expertise to roadside repair system and a shared automotive engineering vision to: 

  • Design the highest quality customized products when and where you need them 
  • Deliver unmatched product performance through all of our solutions Nimbly partner with you to anticipate and quickly deliver on future product design and market needs 
  • Plan for future product enhancement that increase the value of your offering 

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