Active Tools is a different kind of supplier. Today, it is the leading global supplier in tire repair kits because it works in partnership with automotive manufacturers to continuously increase value for the end consumer.  Active Tools’ services are designed to take the burden off the OEM when it comes to tire repair, roadside safety, and market education.

Roadside Assistance Program

When you work with Active Tools, you may opt for our combination tire repair kit and roadside assistance program.... more

Joint Production Development

Since its founding days, Active Tools has applied engineering in its sales process and thus has been able to provide tailored products. more

Marketing Collaboration

Active Tools takes consumer education on roadside safety seriously and for this it provides a communication program available to automobile manufacturers. more

Dealership Programs

Assuring that dealerships are well prepared to sell; excellence in the knowledge and advice they provide to consumers is vital. more

Training Programs

These training programs are specifically created for internal OEM usage.  The attendees can be from purchasing departments, engineering groups, or marketing. more