Redefining roadside repair

As a global leader in roadside tire repair and the largest Tier 1 supplier to the automotive OEM industry, Active Tools International is helping automakers in redefining the automotive experience.

Redefining value added

We share a common vision for the future of the automotive market and offer our clients a value added relationship at a time when increasing value is essential to growing market share. In a era where meeting the demands for more fuel-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly vehicles is essential to maintaining competitive focus, Active Tools is ready to support you from design to manufacturing to distribution.

Redefining product and business innovation

Since 1996, Active Tools has steadily advanced the science and the business of roadside tire repair, leading the market in design, manufacturing, and distribution of smart roadside repair solutions and technologies while building strong relationships with many of the world's automotive manufacturers.

In less than 15 years, we've grown Active Tools from an automotive product concept into a first-tier supplier. Through our global network of operations, we're strategically positioned to best serve the needs of all our customers.