Active Tools Superior Tire Sealant

A green recipe
With Active Tools tire sealant, we have a green recipe for our products that is biodegradable, and that can not only be rinsed off the tire using water only − but also off your skin. The sealant does not cause rust or corrosion on any type of rim due to the specially formulated buffering agents, nor does it contain any toxic or flammable ingredients.

Cutting edge technology
Our Active Tools sealant is based on a technology that is microfiber and water based.  When the sealant is pumped into the damaged tire, the fine particles encircle the puncture by forming an extremely fine mesh strong enough to seal off a hole up to 6.35 mm, the international automotive requirement.

Rigorous testing
Our tire simulation machine is a unique diagnostic tool that reproduces the actual performance of repair solutions under real driving conditions.

Active Tools offers two types of tire sealant Valve-Through and Valve-Out:

The Valve-Through tire sealant is injected directly into the tire without removing the valve core, making the repair process fast and easy. When the sealant is pumped into the tire, you inflate the tire, using the air pressure to push the sealant towards the puncture. Here, the sealant fibers of the sealant form an extremely fine mesh strong enough to seal off the hole in no time.

The Valve-Out tire sealant requires that you remove the valve core before pumping the sealant into the tire. A built-in valve remover frees you of any inconvenience. After remounting the valve core, you inflate the tire, using the air pressure to push the sealant towards the puncture. Here, the sealant fibers build up a matrix of crystals that block the hole quickly and efficiently.

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