Optimizing Vehicle Solutions

Active Tools offers the most complete & flexible range of OEM products in the market. It guarantees the highest quality of performance and safety through German engineering and its world class TÜV certified ISO-TS16949 manufacturing facilities.

Active Tools products offer tire repair solutions sized for all vehicle types and performance requirements. Each of the three Active Tools tire repair product lines provide a different level of usage and convenience that relies on the same proven underlying technology.

We are the compressor experts, so not only does our tire repair kits come with an optional sealant bottle, our compressors can operate in an air only mode enabling the vehicle owner to use the compressor for regular tire pressure maintenance, or any other inflation needs they may have.

Active Tools offers three essential product categories:

Built-In Kits offer a custom solution with special packaging to be integrated directly into a car trunk

in the vehicle production factory. 

Two-Piece Kits consist of a single compressor and sealant bottle requiring the user to make the

simple and rapid connections.

Integrated Kits offer an all-in-one-solution integrating the compressor and the sealant bottle in the

same housing and all cables and hoses are pre-connected making the operation of the kit the most


Active Tools provides well-documented and thoroughly tested systems, ready for direct implementation in your product line. 

Following the quality standards of ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, our production facilities are approved by all major car manufacturers.

Safer, Faster and Easier Roadside Tire Repair

Drivers benefit from Active Tools’ light alternative not only by enjoying every day fuel savings but also from the assurance that in case of a punctured tire, Active Tools delivers road side safety and ease of use. With a push of a button and a few simple connections to make, within minutes drivers of any age can repair a punctured tire in a safe and rapid manner.


Active Tools is Redefining the Driving Experience.


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